Reliable 3PL

Dependable 3PL

Are you in the search for a dependable 3PL company? You have come to the right place. Pleasant Prairie Logistics is here to provide you with the reliable truck transportation you need!

With over 11 years of seamless and reliable logistics, specialized transport, and brokerage supply chain solutions, Pleasant Prairie Logistics is the company you need for all of your 3PL requirements. We work throughout the United States, Mexico, and Canada.

We offer a variety of 3PL services that are sure to meet your needs. We can provide you with hassle-free driveway transportation, lowboy trailers for light-duty transportation, specialized transportation, carhaul, yard management, and storage options.

No matter the size of your transportation, our diverse fleet of trucks is sure to meet your requirements! No job is too big or small.

We understand how important it is to get your goods to their designated location safely and timely. That is why we hire skilled and experienced drivers that will ensure quality work.

At Pleasant Prairie Logistics, we want what is best for our customers. We are committed to excellence that surpasses just the process of transportation. Our drivers are dedicated to clear communication and responsive service to make sure you are informed about the status of your shipment throughout the entire journey.

Our team of professionals is the heart and soul of our company. We want you to rest assured that your goods are in the very best hands and transportation vehicles possible.

If you are ready to join Pleasant Prairie Logistics for all of your 3PL needs, don’t wait another moment. Contact us today to get started on a partnership that is sure to please you!

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Truck Haul Technology

Our Information Technology group offers more than 150 years combined experience in software and website development specifically targeted to the transportation industry.

VAGUS™ provides our customers, OEMs, dealerships and fleet owners with an easy-to-use system for tracking vehicle orders and shipments as well as managing cargo inspections and damage claims.

Driver Trips is a proprietary suite of apps that provides our drivers with an easy-to-use system for delivering vehicles, communicating with dispatch, and arranging their return travel using their company provided smart phones.  Additional features include  viewing the company handbook and finding nearby fuel stops and hotels.

PPL Delivers is a proprietary, integrated, website and suite of apps that provide our drivers and third-party carriers with an easy-to-use system for delivering vehicles, managing loads, performing and reviewing inspections and creating and storing documents.  PPL Delivers is available for both Android and iOS.

OpCenter Yard is an integrated app that provides our drivers and yard employees with an easy-to-use system for performaing yard management, including inspections, statusing, releasing, and receiving.  Additional integration points connect OpCenter yard to our customers for more accurate and timely information sharing.

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