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Pleasant Prairie Logistics

Pleasant Prairie Logistics LLC transports vehicles throughout the United States, Mexico and Canada. We are the fastest growing subsidiary of JHT Holdings Inc. thanks to our NAFTA carrier relationships, our growing fleet of wholly-owned equipment and our exclusive partnership with Mexicana Logistics S.A. de C.V.

  • Truck Haul: We utilize a drive-away model where a lead truck pulls up to 3 other trucks providing fuel cost savings and reduced engine mileage.
  • Carhaul: We have an ever-growing fleet of rigs and trailers at our disposal and partnerships with over 200 trusted carriers, not to mention 70+ years of experience from our parent company, JHT Holdings Inc.
  • Specialized: We transport a multitude of municipal service vehicles, military vehicles and other long wheelbase chassis.
  • Lowboy: Through our network of over 100 lowboy trailers, we transport everything from light vehicles to heavy-duty trucks.

JHT Holdings Inc.

JHT uses a variety of methods to transport vehicles—everything from light cars to heavy trucks—from manufacturing plants to numerous dealerships and customers throughout North America. JHT operates through a family of union and contractor subsidiaries that includes Pleasant Prairie Logistics.